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different questions

better culture

Idea Implementation

Does everything make sense?

Clear Language

Does everything make sense?

Conflict Resolution

How Can We Get On The Same Page?

Expectation Management

What Do I Need To Do?

Purpose Alignment

Why Does My Job Matter?

People Development

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We Specialize In Solving 7 Of The Most Vital Challenges Businesses Face.


Employee Retention
Reduced Productivity
Lack of Collaboration
Communication Barriers
Problematic Conduct
Resistance to New Ideas
Low Motivation
Lack of Responsibility
Poor Performance

Are You Struggling With:

We Can Help

Our Products

Our Products

Option 1:
90 Day Engagement

We meet with the Founder, CEO or Key Leader one on one, once a week, to address the key culture problems that are reducing employee satisfaction and company productivity.

We also meet with strategic leaders in the team to implement the changes, monitor the score cards, measure weekly improvement. 

Option 2:
One Day Discovery and Strategy

We Offer:
 20-45 Minute Speech
2 Hour Workshop

Topics Include:

Creating Clear Language
Ideation to Implementation
Developing Great Talent
Conflict Resolution
Setting Expectations

Option 3:
Keynote Presentations / Lunch & Learns

We determine 3 key pain points for leadership ahead of our time together.

During the One Day
Phase 1:  Discovery
We work with the entire team to confirm the three most pivotal and profitable problems to solve.

Phase 2: Strategy
We spend the rest of our time training the Founder or CEO, Leadership, and Employees in our proven system for creating actionable steps and establishing measurements around the solutions to those problems.


Worrying about building a happy workplace is not hard.
Worrying is easy.

Doing something about it is hard.
Knowing where to start, how to order the changes – that’s hard.

We’ve helped CEO’s and leaders just like you eliminate the worry.
It’s easier than you think.

Laura Engelbrecht - Senior Manager at ADDO Worldwide

Carl’s extensive business acumen and ability to drill down to the core shifts needed to cultivate thriving cultures is truly remarkable! No packaged formulas or copy/paste standard consulting methodologies. Carl’s years of real-world experience coaching leaders and leading teams heavily inform the invaluable solutions he provides. Highly recommend!

Pete Kavanagh - CEO: Iron Horse Capital Group

Carl is an excellent coach who has helped me to clarify my business goals, think strategically, and bring balance back to my work life. He is a fountain of creative ideas for marketing, employee culture, and problem solving. Carl is great at identifying stressors in your business life and helping you to eliminate them. This has made my work life much more relaxed and enjoyable, and has allowed me to focus more on my bottom line profit.

Dr. Jerome - CEO : Thrive Neuro

Carl and the team at Curiosity provide a critical ingredient to the success your team is needing…curiosity. As a CEO I feel like I ask great questions, but I often ended up creating confusion in my teams. Carl brought the clarity, strategy, and inspiration that I needed to not only ask the right questions, but ask them at the right time.

Bryan Caporicci - CEO: Sprout Studios 

Carl doesn't present himself as a guru. Nor as an expert, a master or a know-it-all (even though I swear he does know it all). Instead, he is humble, gentle, and, most of all - curious. He is a true teacher and guide. He is our Yoda, and I couldn't imagine walking through business without him. He knows the right questions to ask and how to prompt the wisdom inside of us, and he always has a handy framework and paradigm to clarify solutions to the problems we face. Carl leaves me - and my leadership team - better after every interaction. Every business leader needs a Carl to bring out their best selves and serve their people to their greatest ability. 

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Next Steps


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How We Work


We meet with you once a week to discuss the most pressing problems in your culture. Then we create weekly steps to take and deadlines to meet in order to measure improvement.

CEO + Team

Everything from CEO + Weekly meetings with 2-4 members of your team. These meetings can cover Accountability, Conflict Resolution, Setting Expectations, Performance Reviews, etc.


A full day discovery session to deep dive into the most pressing pain points and growth edges of the company culture. This will produce a Culture Document that can be used for future in house training.

Who We Are

Hailing from South Africa, Carl Lubbe is a seasoned executive coach with a passion for empowering leaders. As the founder and CEO of Curiosity Coach, Carl leverages his extensive experience to unlock exceptional potential in individuals and organizations. When he's not architecting thriving company cultures, you'll find Carl spending quality time with his wife and two kids, or (enthusiastically, if not expertly) on the pickleball court.
Carl's belief in the "ABCs of Great Companies" – Ask Great Questions, Build Better Culture, Create More Revenue – fuels his data-driven approach. Praised as "priceless" by clients like Chick-fil-A, his methods have demonstrably saved companies hundreds of thousands of dollars through increased productivity and employee satisfaction.
Curiosity Coach offers a comprehensive suite of coaching and development solutions, including one-on-one coaching, leadership workshops, and strategic team building activities. Whether you're a high-potential leader or seeking to optimize your entire organization, Carl provides the tools and guidance to achieve breakthrough results.

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